Denver Broncos

We can already tell that Ricky Williams is going to love Denver

We knew that fans in Denver wanted Ricky Williams and his list of kind bud connections to relocate to the Mile High City should he be reinstated. What we didn’t know was that the stoners activists were willing to get a billboard for the sole purpose of persuading the ex-Longhorn.

It’s simple, it’s catchy, it’s self promoting and, frankly, we think Ricky would be dumb enough to buy in.

It will read: “Ricky, come to Denver … Where the people support your SAFER choice.”

SAFER (Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation), already erected the giant sign (by the way, unless he started taking massive amounts of Rogaine, then Ricky doesn’t have his dreads back yet) and their executive director, Mason Tvert, is all about getting the NFL and the world high on life.

The National Football League’s marijuana policy is just as irrational as our federal government’s marijuana policy,” Tvert said in a statement.

“Why on Earth would the NFL steer some of the biggest, strongest and toughest men in America away from marijuana and toward a drug that contributes to violent and aggressive behavior?

We don’t necessarily agree that these guys should be dangling a loaded bong in front of an addict as he goes swirling around the drain, but, nevertheless, it’ll probably work.


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