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We’re guessing this guy isn’t an Osos de Chicago or Vaqueros de Dallas fan

We thought that we heard something about the NFL celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month during the Cowboys/Bears game, but we just shrugged it off and figured that it was one of the voices that come to life after we’ve polished off our usual Sunday suitcase of brews. What can we say, sometimes we hallucinate in Spanish. We also heard one of `em say something about Nike designing a shoe for Native Americans. That’s when we knew it was time to retire for the evening.

Then we came across a video of this guy going bonkers over what we had figured was just a figment of our imaginations. After watching this moron, we’re starting to feel a lot more normal now.

“What’s next! WHAT’S next! WHAT’S NEXT!!” *silence*


[Kissing Suzy Kolber]: Yo Cabron, chinga tu madre!

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