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His driver might have slapped that woman’s butt, but Dennis would never do something like that

The Worm is apparently guilty of more than just having horrible taste in automobiles. TMZ is reporting that Dennis Rodman spanked some random girl in a bar, inciting accusations of sexual battery.

TMZ has learned the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident, which allegedly took place at Hennessy’s Tavern in Dana Point, near Laguna Beach. One source says the ex-basketball star allegedly slapped the woman’s rear so hard, it left a “major mark.”

Jim Amormino, a spokesperson for the O.C. Sheriff, told TMZ, “Officers did respond to an incident involving a man and a woman. A police report was taken, and is currently with the sex crime unit of the Sheriff’s department.

While this is not a highlight in his career by any stretch of the imagination, after OJ’s recent incident, we felt just a little let down by Rodman’s butt bongo stunt. We hate to say it, but you’re starting to lose a little steam Dennis. If all you have left in the tank is a hideous car and tawdry actions then we’re gonna just have to move on. We don’t want a cheap imitation of the mad man we once knew. If you’re not going balls to the wall for us, then we can’t waste anymore time with you.


[TMZ]: Dennis Rodman Accused of Sexual Battery

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