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We never said that skateboarders don’t have guts; however, brains might be another story

While we’re not real big on skateboarding or the whole X Games scene, we gotta admit that we were blown away by this clip. Apparently, the X Games have an event called Big Air where competitors go racing down a gigantic ramp, jump a huge gap and then go hurtling up another ramp in order to gain as much air as possible on the second jump. Sounds like fun, right? Wrong.

Jake Brown found out the hard way after he pulled off a pretty nifty 720 over the gap, but ended up losing control on the second ramp which left him looking at a free fall from close to 50 feet in the air!

Amazingly, Brown walked away under his own power and was taking to the hospital for evaluations. Brown even received the silver medal in the competition. It’s not too often that you can get a medal for nearly splattering like a cantaloupe at the bottom of a ramp.

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