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Being retarded goes a long way in backyard wrestling

We’ve showed you just how idiotic and dangerous pro wrestling can be when complete morons step inside the ropes with the sole purpose of shocking the masses or murdering their opponent. But, at least these guys are getting paid to put their bodies on the line. The pay probably sucks, but they’re still being compensated for their efforts. The even bigger numbskulls are the kids who try to imitate these extremists, seemingly thinking that they are invincible. Guess what; you’re not. And while dropping you’re friend on his head off your roof might sound like fun, apparently it’s not all that great. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not hilarious to make fun of just how stupid wannabes can be.

Good luck making it to the big time, kids. You’re going to need it.

4 replies on “Being retarded goes a long way in backyard wrestling”

I can never get enough of stuff like this — Humans really should be dying at a higher rate as stupid as they are.

Dumb kids — You’re being insulting to retarded people cause they wouldn’t do something so D-U-M-B!

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