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Somehow Ultimate Frisbee celebrates another birthday

The summer is here and this is the time of year when people are supposed to get out and enjoy the weather by hopping in the local cement pond or playing your favorite outdoor sport.  Some people like baseball, others like to simply toss around the old pigskin.  But then there are the people who play with a Frisbee and call it an “Ultimate Frisbee” league.

Now, we’ve heard about these types of nut jobs before, but we just can’t believe they’re still around.  But, apparently, we shouldn’t be surprised because the “sport” has been around for 40 years and has leagues across the nation.  Who would have guessed?  We know that we shouldn’t knock it until we’ve tried it, but when it comes to calling Ultimate Frisbee a sport, we just can’t do it.  That would be like saying “lights out bowling” with the glow in the dark pins is a sport too.  Hell, why not slap the world “extreme” in front of  tetherball and make another new sport?

But we’re not going to completely blow off this 40 year Frisbee fad; if  Stewie digs it then we’re willing to give it chance. It certainly beats the hell out of competitive eating as a sport.

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