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When keeping it real goes wrong: Pacman Jones

You know what, Pacman? It’s ok to not keep it real if you got millions and lifelong security at stake. Either that or you can be the fastest guy on the Wal-Mart flag football team.

On Monday, we told you about the latest incident with strippers and guns. Well, more details are coming out and it just seems like Pacman Jones is an idiot who cares more about his thug image than he does getting back in the league.

According to the police report, Jones became angry after another patron at Club Blaze asked an entertainer for a dance and told the man, “I’ll kill all y’all in here.”

An off-duty cop working as a security guard at the club also told police he overheard Jones say, “I’m going to get my gun” as the Titans’ star left the club.

Pacman is like a bad imitation of the guy in White Men Can’t Jump who threatened to get his gun and kill everyone after Wesley and Woody snookered him. He absolutely just doesn’t care whether he’s back in the league or not. Can Goodell ban him from the NFL while on his suspension for this season?

Think about this for a second: Chris Henry got the same memo and Pacman Jones and he hasn’t been in trouble yet. How sad is it when Chris Henry is smarter than you?

[NY Daily News]: NFL wants Pacman facts

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