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Pacman Jones needs some new friends

So much for that full page ad that Pacman took out apologizing to the NFL, the Titans and the fans. Not even an entire summer has gone by and Pacman already is involved in another shooting.

Police are looking for him after a shooting following a fight involving his entourage at an Atlanta strip club at 4 a.m. Monday morning. Police say that Jones and crew got into a fight over a woman with three other people. After everyone left, a member of the entourage shot at the car with the three people who were involved in the fight.

Jones wasn’t present at the time of the shooting and police only want to question him as a witness in the incident (isn’t that how the Vegas incident started out?) but clearly this is an indication that Pacman hasn’t learned a damn thing about being more responsible and making the right decisions. Being at a strip club till 4 a.m. on a Sunday night is clearly the wrong decision. The good news for Pacman is that there are plenty of strip clubs in Canada when he has to play for the CFL.


[AJC]: ‘Pacman’ Jones sought for questioning about shooting incident

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PacMan Jones — pacman has a new dedication on youtube. I didnt know he was that talented. its called PacMan Jones Dedication you can google it to.

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