New York Mets

What the hell is going on with athletes and hair?

Not to be outdone by some piddly team from Baltimore and their mustaches, the NY Mets have decided to all shave their heads in a show of solidarity. There’s no significance behind their decision to shave their heads other than “because they can.” Only Jose Reyes and Aaron Sele declined to get the shorn. Jose because he probably loves his hair and Aaron because he has some family photos he has to take on Thursday.

Second is this photo of Dwight Gooden with what appears to be some sort of back of the head soul patch/target. It’s one of the most ridiculous haircuts we’ve seen in basketball since that flaming hairstyle by Memphis’ Jeremy Hunt this year.

And finally, here’s a random video of Manny Ramirez stroking Julian Tavarez’s hair. Don’t ask. Don’t tell.

By Vin

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