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Mrs. Kirilenko says Andrei’s crappy play is due to a language barrier

Andrei Kirilenko got some heat earlier in the week for crying after practice because he wasn’t happy about his role during the Jazz’s opening game loss to the Rockets on Saturday. Well, things are probably going to get worse for AK-47 now that his wife has come to his aid in a very Brenda Warner-esque move. Masha Kirilenko wrote an email to several journalists that explained that perhaps an interpreter would solve the problems between Kirilenko and Jazz coach Jerry Sloan. Here are her views on the subject according to the article.

It’s frustrating,” she said. “His English is not so good. Sometimes he can’t explain himself. Maybe he needs an interpreter.”

She claimed Houston’s Yao Ming, from China, “has an interpreter all the time” and added “maybe we’ll hire one.”

Masha went on to say that, “with the coach and Andrei that’s certainly a language barrier and it looks like there could be a misunderstanding with both guys.”

Asked if she thinks Sloan and his player can work out their differences regarding playing style and time, she said, “Two smart people like that can work it out.”

She was motivated to speak on the subject when she saw her husband’s red-eyed picture in the newspapers on Monday. “I said, ‘This is not happening,'” she said. “I’ve never seen him like this.

We know that your intentions were probably good, but you’re just making things worse for your hubby. Just keep giving him that yearly free pass to have sex with a random groupie and call it a day. Nothing good can come from your interference into your husband’s career.


[]: From Masha with love

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