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Pacman takes out ad to apologize for slamming a stripper’s head into the stage, and the drugs, and..

We’re not sure exactly what NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell said to Pacman Jones, other than “see ya next year,” but whatever it was, it is having a serious effect on the Pacman. First Jones came out and conducted a fairly honest interview with Primetime, then he announced that he’s going back to school during his suspension and now he’s taking out full page ads to publicly apologize. Damn, we use to think Pacman was so hard.

In the April 20 edition of The Tennessean of Nashville, Jones said that his life is all jacked up and then told his family and friends that he’ll do whatever it takes to regain their trust.

In the past few weeks, I have learned a lifetime of lessons. First and foremost, I need to reorganize my priorities. As a grown man and a new father, my first priority is my daughter and family. Second, I have to not only meet the expectations of my coaches, teammates and fans, but exceed them in every respect, on and off the field. The first step in meeting these goals is for me to stop making the poor choices that have put me in this position.

So, does this mean there will be no more strip clubs? No more shootings? No more drugs? No more car chases? And most importantly no more biting police officers?

Hopefully for Pacman he’s getting his life on track, but we’re pretty bummed that the one man police blotter won’t be entertaining us weekly with his circus side show act. But we still have Chris Henry and Tank Johnson to keep things interesting during the off season, and while they are no Pacman, that’s not too shabby at all.

The complete Pacman ad after the jump.


[]: Pacman’s ad promises he’ll win back trust

2 replies on “Pacman takes out ad to apologize for slamming a stripper’s head into the stage, and the drugs, and..”

I’m sorry… — …but Pacman Jones couldn’t have written that letter and expressed those thoughts in that way in a million years.

His letter would have been like this:


Sorry about that sh*t man. That ho had it comin. Damm man – white man suspended my ass and now i aint got no loot this year. Hell man, can he do me like dat? Crap ho.

Aight. I’ll be back yo. Let me roll dis blunt real fast like and den I’ll get my lawyer to fix this sh*t yo.



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