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Madden curse to work its black magic on Vince Young

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As if Pacman Jones’ situation isn’t bad enough for the Tennessee Titans, now they gotta deal with the eventual season ending, career altering injury to their franchise QB. Yep, Vince Young is expected to grace the cover of Madden 2008 and undoubtedly become the next NFL superstar to fall victim to the curse of fat boy John Madden. But Vince ain’t afraid of no curse; he’s already been announced as one of Chunky Soup’s “Mama’s Boys” for this season which would have players trembling in the past.

Sure, it’s a honor to be named as a Madden cover worthy player, especially just one year into his career, but after Eddie George, Donovan McNabb, Daunte Culpepper, Shaun Alexander and Ray Lewis all suffered through some type of turmoil after the game was released, Tennessee fans have got to be praying that EA Sports will reconsider and screw someone else like Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning or league MVP LaDanian Tomlinson.

After all, Vince already has the odds stacked against him with Pacman getting the boot, an outta shape running back, no receivers to speak of and a front office that is tens of millions of dollars under the cap but has yet to spend a dime during the off-season. Still, if anyone can break this jinx, you have to think that VY’s the man to do it.


[]: Young to grace cover of Madden `08

8 replies on “Madden curse to work its black magic on Vince Young”

VY — You know this is KILLING Trevor.

Interesting that VY gets the cover less than a year after millions of fans weren’t sure if he would even be able to successfully take snaps in the league, let alone be a top-10 quarterback.

will he avoid the curse? — Nobody has avoided it yet.

By the way, I heard they had originally planned to wait a year and put Vince Young on the Madden 09 cover… but Vince couldn’t count past 8.

Ouch — Vince might have struggled with the wonderlic but I’m pretty sure he’s learned to count into the millions since joining the NFL.

Well, that was fun — I sure enjoyed having Vince on my favorite team for a year. Maybe we can draft a QB this year to replace him.

This is bullshit — We were only a couple months away from me calling the Titans my darkhorse pick in the AFC.

I will forever be indebted to Vince.  That six week string of him covering every spread is still a feat that will never be topped.

those EA folks — really screwed the Titans this year.  Vince Young will go down with a knee injury by week 7 after starting 7-0.   So you still have 7 weeks to bet on the flying Thumbtacks.

Black magic — Oh yeah, another thing Vin… why does it have to be the Madden curse’s “black magic” for VY?  How racist can you be??

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