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David Stern ejects Joey Crawford for being a jerk

Well it’s about freaking time that David Stern held his officials responsible for their actions and dished out a stiff penalty to one of the league’s favorite refs by suspending Joey Crawford indefinitely after he threw Tim Duncan out of Sunday’s Spurs/Mavs for no good reason. Crawford is done at least until next November when the 2007-08 season tips off. That should give him plenty of time to get into shape for that fight with TD that he supposedly wanted. Here’s what the commish had to say about the situation.

Joey Crawford’s handling of this situation failed to meet the standards of professionalism and game management we expect of NBA referees,” NBA commissioner David Stern said. “Especially in light of similar prior acts by this official, a significant suspension is warranted. Although Joey is consistently rated as one of our top referees, he must be held accountable for his actions on the floor, and we will have further discussions with him following the season to be sure he understands his responsibilities.

Way to go David; that’s why you’re the best commissioner in sports. And in case you’ve forgotten, here is Crawford’s moment of machismo that sent him on an unexpected vacation.

And Stern might want to consider suspending the referee that called an offensive foul on Fabricio Oberto when Josh Howard delivered a flying body block on the other end of the court.


[]: NBA Referee Joey Crawford Suspended

4 replies on “David Stern ejects Joey Crawford for being a jerk”

unbelievable — I’m suprised Stern sided with the player.

By the way, I forgot where I read it but apparently Stern was pissed at Crawford for a Game 2 of a playoff series when he gave out like a bunch of Ts in the first 10 minutes and he told Crawford never to make himself THE story of the game ever again.

Stern on PTI — Looks like Crawford was just a little pissed about the ruling and Stern said that he’s probably done with the NBA.

crawford too thin-skinned — Duncan is a whiner, no doubt, but judging from what I saw in that video it really doesn’t seem that he deserved to be thrown out. And if Crawford really did challenge Duncan to a fight then there’s no question that he went overboard.

The best officials are the ones you never hear about. Like a good waiter they just do their job quietly and don’t give you anything to complain about. I’m with Stern on this one.

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