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Pete Carroll is ripped but USC Song Girls in bikinis steal the show

We’ve never heard of before but they’ve just put themselves on the map with some fine fine investigative photojournalism. The guy from BeatSC (UCLA fan) went over to the charity swim off between Pete Carroll and Will Ferrell to raise money for USC’s Physically Challenged Athletes Scholarship Fund.

Firt off, for an old guy, Pete Carroll is pretty damn ripped but that’s not why you clicked on this story.

From BeatSC (who needs to run a spellcheck):

It was amost like they had a bunch of supermodels that they used as ringers. The girls in the bikinis were head and shoulders above the SAME girls in sc song girl outfits, and we’re not talking about shampoo. Maybe it was the stylish designs of Pom Pom’s niece, but whatever it was, it was hard to hate trojans… at least until AFTER the Charity and Modeling Event was over.

Our favorite pics and video of the race between Will Ferrell and Pete Caroll after the jump. Go to for more photos. They’ll be posting them all week.

Of course, we don’t have to tell the guy from BeatSC that the UCLA cheerleaders aren’t too shabby either.

(Hat tip: Wizard of Odds)

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2 replies on “Pete Carroll is ripped but USC Song Girls in bikinis steal the show”

Ferrell/Carroll — The unintentional comedy here is hilarious.  “We’re going streaking!!!!!!!!!!”

Anyone see “Blades of Glory” yet?  I heard it was hysterical.

i meant to see it — but once a movie has been out a couple of weeks, i feel like it’s a complete waste because it’ll be on DVD like 2 weeks later.

I couldnt even tell who won the race. It had to have been Carroll right?

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