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Rony Seikaly is a beach volleyball-aholic

So, what do you do for fun when you’re a seven-foot tall retired millionaire? Why you start competitively playing beach volleyball, of course. Or at least that’s what Rony Seikaly is doing.

Since retiring from the NBA, Seikaly has apparently been brushing up on his digs and kills because he’ll be teaming up with one of Florida’s top players tomorrow in the qualifier for the AVP Cuervo Gold Crown Miami Open. The pair will be ranked 20th amongst the 50 teams competing.

Gaston Macau is the lucky fellow who gets to partner with Seikaly, but their chances are probably not all that good. Sounds like Seikaly is too busy to practice and what’s worse, the two haven’t even met each other yet. But that’s not diminishing any of Macau’s excitement about playing with one of his childhood heroes.

Can you believe it?” Macau said. “To be able to play with a star that I looked up to as a kid is an opportunity I know I will never have again. I am very excited.”

“I am looking to have fun but at the same time I like to compete. Once I get over the whole thing of meeting him and having fun, I want to win.

Now, we have no idea if Seikaly can play volleyball worth a damn but the big man is certainly hanging out in the right places. After all, he was married to the smoking hot Elsa Benitez.

Pics of Elsa Benitez can be found after the jump.


[]: Former Heat star Seikaly attempts pro beach volleyball

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