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Jon Bon Jovi wants refs to Have a Nice Day

Jon Bon Jovi finally let his perfectly coiffed hair down and showed that he actually does have a rock-n-roll bone left in his body.

As usual, the ESPN2 camera crew spent more time panning the crowd and box seats than they panning up and down the field at Monday’s game between the Philadelphia Soul and the Georgia Force. Well, the move actually paid off when they turned the lens on JBJ after the Force scored a questionable touchdown with under 10 minutes remaining as he threw a double barreled salute to the officials who made the call.

I didn’t understand the ruling,” he said. Bergeron “did have possession on the play. He fumbled in the end zone. He recovered the ball. I reacted to something I didn’t know the rule on.”

Bon Jovi said he obviously didn’t realize that the camera was pointed at him.

“I apologize for the middle-finger thing,” he said. “I didn’t understand the rule. It’s simple as that. We will be back next week.

Oh, don’t apologize. Sports needs more of this from it’s owners and representatives. Hopefully Bon Jovi’s business partner and recent addition to the Monday Night Football booth Ron Jaworski will show the same type of enthusiasm when the NFL officials blow an obvious call.


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4 replies on “Jon Bon Jovi wants refs to Have a Nice Day”

im gonna do things my way — good goin Jonny-boy. gotta love this from owners. i mean come on, how many owners out there really care enough aobut their team? Bon Jovi, John Elway and his baby that is the Colorado Crush and Mark Cuban. short list

go Bon Jovi

I’ll add — Mario Lemieux to that list…he liked the team that he played for so much, he bought ’em.

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