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Who would have thought that Johnny Weir likes peacocks?

We don’t usually talk about ice skating but every now and then comes along a story that epitomizes the human spirit and provides hope that all life’s challenges can be triumphed. This is one of those stories.

By now everyone knows that Hollywood has created a film which depicts the rise and fall of figure skater extraordinaire Chazz Michael Michaels, entitled Blades of Glory. It’s a riveting tale of the passion and desire that it took for Michaels to return to the sport he loves so deeply.

Here’s what a few of his fellow competitors had to say about his return to the pro figure skating circuit.

One reply on “Who would have thought that Johnny Weir likes peacocks?”

Hey, you do 1080s, and so do we. How’s it going? — Sasha Cohen is hot.

And more hilarious quotes from Shaun White:
“I’m hoping Sasha Cohen dates gold medalists,” Shaun White said, slipping into an imaginary conversation with the figure skater. “Hey, babe. Oh, this? Oh, yeah, I just got it. How you doin?”

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