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Stephon Marbury verbally pimp slaps Lebron james

When asked whether he could endorse a $15 sneaker like Marbury does, Lebron said, “No, I don’t think so. Me being with Nike, we hold our standards high.” That’s a nice little dis but probably not meant with as much derision as it seems.

Yet, Starbury being Starbury came up the best retort we’ve heard in a while:

I’d rather own than be owned.

Nice shot, Stephon. Who knew he could think that quickly on his feet.


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3 replies on “Stephon Marbury verbally pimp slaps Lebron james”

Lebron got Pimped by Massa — I wonder how long Nike execs worked on Lebron to get him to do their dirty work? It’s a shame that he would publicly criticize what Steph’s trying to do (whether you believe it’s for PR purposes or not). I’ve never heard an NBA player say anything negative about another player’s shoes. I hear that Nike will be offering a cheapr “lifestyle” shoe to compete with Starbury’s soooo I guess Lebron will be endorsing a cheap shoe after all. Ooops!

I think Starbury is a punk and a loser — but I think what hes’ doing with his shoes is good for the community.  So suck it, LBJ.

Starburys — This line of Starbury shoes are just what they seem, cheap! I have a pair myself.  I can not wear them without coming away with some kind of ache or pain.  They have no padding in them, as opposed to Nike shoes that have never been problematic for me. I find it hard to believe that Marbury is playing every game in these cardboard shoes.

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