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Pop Quiz: Who is older? Kevin Willis or Julio Franco

Don’t call it a comeback

Talk about a guy who can’t give up the game. Kevin Willis spent 45 minutes with the Dallas Mavericks this morning working out in hopes of grabbing a roster spot as the playoffs approach. Willis was the oldest player in the NBA when he last played in 2004-05 and he hasn’t gotten any younger since. But that is definitely one guy who is not going to be eating chips and watching poker on TV during his off time. Willis still looks like he could be Dwight Howard’s little brother!

I can definitely play,” Willis said. “I’m going to work out again tomorrow and go from there.

Well, don’t worry; with Dirk Nowitzki tweaking his ankle last night, you just might get a chance. Of course, Avery Johnson will have something to say about that. Johnson didn’t comment after the workout but here’s what he said about adding a new player to the team when asked on Wednesday night.

Right now, it’s kind of the best available person if we’re going to add anybody,” Johnson said. “I’m real leery about adding anybody right now. If it’s something that makes sense, we’ll do it. But it’s got to really make sense.

And for those of you who were paying attention, you may check your grade below.

Kevin Willis – born: 9/6/1962
Julio Franco – born: 8/23/1958


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