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Carr and Casserly are gone but the stigma of stupidity remains

That’s a lot closer than
David Carr or Matt Schaub will
ever get to a championship.

The Houston Texans have official proven that they are the dumbest team in the NFL. Just one year after saying they were convinced David Carr was the quarterback who could take them to a Super Bowl, the Texans are trading Carr to Atlanta for Matt Schaub. The Falcons will also receive a second round-pick in the deal as well.

So, Houston passed on hometown hero Vince Young, Matt Leinart and Jay Cutler for Matt Schaub? And we’re not even mentioning that they could have also selected the multidimensional Reggie Bush. Schaub has been solid when given the opportunity to play in Atlanta, but the guy has only thrown 161 career passes with six touchdowns and six interceptions. Is that really worth skipping out on filling the stadium every home game with thousands of screaming Young fans?

It was as obvious before the draft as it was after the season that Carr was not the guy to lead a sewer dwelling franchise out of the scum and into Super Bowl supremacy. But former GM Charlie Casserly stuck around a bit too long and refused to lose face by giving up on the franchise’s first ever pick. And now the few fans that Houston has left will be forced to endure the torture of watching Mario Williams while knowing that Bush or Young could be bringing down the house with some sick footwork.

Williams will always be the Sam Bowie of the NFL and the Texans are now firmly entrenched as the Trailblazers of the league; minus the rapes, assaults and arrests of course.


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