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Dear wrestling champ, please keep your fingers out of my rectum

High school wrestling always gets a bad rap… partly because two sweaty dudes grappling with each other sends up the red rainbow flag like you wouldn’t believe. However, we wrestled in high school and we’re not gay (except for that one time with Tim Hardaway in the Heat locker room). Still, when a story like this comes out, it doesn’t do anyone any good.

A 17-year-old state wrestling champ named Jerome Hunt has been accused by 6 former Parker High School wrestlers that he either raped them or tried to rape them with his fingers. However, his lawyer says that the “penetration” was a result of legitimate wrestling moves known as “skinning” and the “butt drag”. Listen, there are no legitimate wrestling moves that involve a finger actually in the rectum. NONE. Well, there is the “hold and sodomize” move but that’s only allowed in overtime… and in prison.

The victims said that the attacks happened before practice, on the team bus or at a wrestling camp. Now Hunt might be as dedicated as Louden Swain but “practicing” skinning and butt dragging on the team bus is a little too much. One victim said Hunt also kissed him so at least he’s a gentleman. You don’t just go penetrating people without a smooch.

[Fox News]: South Dakota High School Wrestlers Testify They Were Raped by Teammate
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One reply on “Dear wrestling champ, please keep your fingers out of my rectum”

Homophia in Sports — Whoever wrote this little commentary is a homophobic asshole.  Since the media apparently no longer has any regard for protecting minors accused of crimes, I’d like to see the names of Jerome Hunt’s so-called “victims” appear in these articles, too.  This whole case reaks of paranoid homophobia and probably more than a little racism thrown in, you jerk.

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