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Top 10 Dumbest in-game Injuries: #1 Bill Gramatica

[Sportscolumn is running down the ten dumbest in-game injuries in sports. And here it is folks, the all time dumbest in-game injury in sports history.]

While it certainly is debatable whether #2 Gus Frerotte really should get the honor of the dumbest in-game injury of all time, the fact that he’s a kicker and it was with the laughingstock Cardinals puts Bill Gramatica over the top. Gramatica got injured celebrating a made field goal in the first quarter. While jumping and contorting in typical Gramatica fashion, he landed awkwardly and tore ligaments and cartilage in his right knee.

Bill was placed on injured reserve and missed the remainder of the season. Arizona went on to lose the game to the New York Giants 17-13 but Gramatica won his way into the dumbass hall of fame. Sadly, Bill’s days in the NFL are over and we can only cringe at the thought of a similar performance from his overly enthusiastic brother Martin.

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