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Dontrelle Willis arrested for DUI in South Beach

Dontrelle Willis, he of the high leg kick and squeaky clean image was arrested last night on a DUI charge by Miami Police when he stepped outside his Bentley to pee on the street. (Well, of course, he wasn’t going to pee in his Bentley.) Police say that he failed a field sobriety test but refused a breathalyzer.

The 2003 NL Rookie of the Year and 2003 World Series Champ (oh by the way Cubs fans, he was original drafted by the Cubs) had up until now had a squeaky clean image was the face of the Marlins after they cleaned house following 2003. He also earned about 1/4 of the entire Marlins payroll (at $4.35M last year) and was in negotiations for a new contract in 2007. We’re going to assume that as good of a pitcher as he is, this won’t negatively affect his contract. Hell, Leonard Little actually killed someone on a DUI and the Rams still gave him a new contract.

CBS Sportsline had the best headline of the day, calling him the Pee-Train. Now, that’s a nickname that won’t go away. Makes you think he’s R. Kelly or something.

[Miami Herald]: Marlins’ Dontrelle Willis arrested in SoBe on DUI charge

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