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Around the Rim: Plentiful Points

Friendly fire

1. Subject to Change
Most statistical categories have been lead by one player for the majority of
the first month of the season. Dwight Howard leads in rebounds, Steve Nash
in assists, Emeka Okafor in blocks and Ron Artest in steals. But the NBA’s
best scorer has been a tossup to say the least. Carmelo Anthony, Allen
Iverson and Michael Redd are all averaging over 30 points per game and have
each lead the league in scoring at some point this season. Four more
players are scoring to the tune of at least 27 a night; Joe Johnson, Vince
Carter, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. There’s also a guy in LA who has been
pretty hot lately. Look for the see-sawing to continue throughout the year;
the league has too much firepower to be dominated by one player all season.

2. KO’d
Dikembe Mutombo’s elbows are notoriously brutal and have been known to put
opponents to sleep. And on Saturday, teammate Tracy McGrady found out first
hand when he took an accidental shot to the dome in the first quarter that
kept him out of the remainder of the game. McGrady lay on the ground
semi-conscious for a while before making a failed attempt to walk to the
locker room under his own power. Eventually, T-Mac was drug away like a
punch-drunk boxer by a fellow Rocket and the team’s trainer. Maybe Mutombo
should begin concentrating on a possible UFC career once his playing days
are over. With the proper training, a Mutombo elbow could become as lethal
as a Chuck Liddell right hook. And I seriously doubt that anyone could
match his reach. Watch out Tim Sylvia, Mt. Mutombo could come swinging at
you next.

3. His Name? Number Two.
Don Nelson has been waiting for his 1,200th victory his entire career, what
are a few more games. Nelson has been stuck at 1,199 since last Monday when
Golden State defeated San Antonio. Ironically, a week later, the Warriors
travel to SA for a chance to snag the milestone win, and snap a two game
losing skid in the process.

Whoa, Nellie? I don’t think so. Nelson is still going strong after an
incredible 28 years of coaching in the NBA. He is second to only Lenny
Wilkins in all-time coaching victories and, while it would take at least
three more seasons, Nelson has a reasonable chance to end his career with
the most wins in the history of the league. If that doesn’t motivate a head
coach then nothing will.

Sunday’s Player of the Day: Joe Johnson @ Portland 45 min, 33 pts (FG:
14-22, 3FG: 4-8, FT: 1-1), 6 reb, 6 ast, 1 stl

Monday’s Game to Watch: Indiana (9-9) @ Los Angeles Lakers (11-5) The
Lakers are 9-2 at home on the year and are currently on a streak where they
have won seven out of nine. Kobe Bryant has been torching opponents over
the span and will look to continue his great play tonight. Indiana has lost
two in a row but the team can finally begin to rely on Jermaine O’Neal again
who is slowly returning to his All-Star form of old. If O’Neal continues to
progress, Indiana could create some noise in the East.

Buzzer Beater: The Charlotte Bobcats are the best of the worst in the
league. While the Pussycats only have five wins on the season, they hold
surprising victories over Cleveland, San Antonio, New Jersey and Detroit.
That’s pretty impressive for the second worst team in the NBA. Charlotte is
full of holes, but at least they can raise their level of play to match that
of the big boys.

By Vin

Vin is a Philly boy who shouldn't be invited into your house because he'll judge you on your book and music collection. He owns Dawkins, Utley, Iverson, and Lindros jerseys, which is all you really need to know about him. He can be reached at [email protected].

2 replies on “Around the Rim: Plentiful Points”

fire the coach… wait, he’s also the gm — Charlotte’s record to me smells of bad coaching. It shows that they have the talent to beat good teams, but they’re not consitent or motivated enough to win on a regular basis.

Bobcats — Yeah, the flip side to winning against the good teams is that they lose against bad teams.  There is definately something wrong with that.  

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