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Stadium threats "non-credible" but you should probably stay away from Oakland anyway

The FBI has deemed the threat against seven NFL stadiums non-credible and is interviewing a “young adult” in Milwaukee who is suspected of posting the message on an internet site called “The Friend Society”. The message said that trucks would deliver radiological dirty bombs on Sunday (it’s the last day of Ramadan) to New York, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Oakland and Clevelend. Perhaps the tip off to the feds was that the Jets actually play in New Jersey. As for the young adult, he’s currently shitting his pants as he awaits his “Code F’ed in the A” in Gitmo.

The poster, handle of “javness”, wrote:

The death toll will approach 100,000 from the initial blasts and countless other fatalities will later occur as result from radioactive fallout.

Later, through al-Jazeera, Osama bin Laden will issue a video message claiming responsibility for what he dubbed ‘America’s Hiroshima.’

Well, since it’s going to happen at NFL games, wouldn’t the message be relayed through the al-Jazeera for athletes, ESPN?

The FBI warned the NFL and stadium security teams but since the threat is not credible, no increase in security is expected this weekend. So. as always, expect to get your ass kicked a the Oakland Colliseum if you’re in Cardinals colors this weekend.

[USA Today]: FBI interviewing ‘young adult’ over NFL ‘dirty bomb’ threat

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