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Lawrence Phillips is going to be someone’s girlfriend

Former Nebraska star RB Lawrence Phillips was convicted today of seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon and is facing up to 20 years in prison. The incident occured last year when Phillips was upset about losing in a pickup football game and in his little mind decided that the other players were stealing from him so he got into his car (well, it was stolen but it was his for the moment) and proceeded to try to run everyone down. (It kind of reminds us of the guy in White Men Can’t Jump who threatened to get his other gun and shoot everybody.) Phillips ran over two boys age 14 and 15 and a 19 year old. His excuse? That the car hit the front wheel of a bicycle and fishtailed into the kids. What kind of car is so weak that a bicycle tire causes it to fishtail? Was Phillips driving an Adobe?

You know how commercials say that past performance is not guarantee of future returns? Well, that certainly can’t be said of Lawrence Phillips who was 1) suspended from the Cornhuskers for dragging his exgirlfriend by the hair down a flight of steps, 2) got into a fight with Dick Vermeil — Dick Vermeil! 3) assaulted a woman in a nightclub while with the Dolphins, 4) kicked off the Montreal Alouettes for insubordination, and 5) cut by the Calgary Stampeders for yelling at a coach. A blind man could see a pattern there.

Sentencing is expected on October 19th. And somewhere Steve Young is having a private chuckle.

[Yahoo]: Lawrence Phillips convicted of assault with deadly weapon

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