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Van Gundy says Yao’s shoes are the problem

Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy is blaming Reebok for keeping his franchise center off the court.

This is a reoccurring issue with Yao’s feet, and he’s not getting the shoe on time from Reebok,” Van Gundy said. “He is not getting the shoe fitted properly so he doesn’t have reoccurring issues with his toe and feet. Yao’s got to be more demanding of this company. He’s not getting the results he wants. It puts him at risk.

It’s the same issue here this year. Nothing’s changed. It’s problematic. Some things can’t be prevented. This one I think can be with more attention to detail on the shoe he’s getting from the company that really should care about him.

Yao, having 8 million reasons to live defend Reebok, said that his shoes are fine — “I use the same kind of shoes. It never brings me any problems.”

[Houston Chronicle]: Shoes blamed for Yao’s toe woes

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