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Chargers safety arrested for selling cough syrup

Update: The controlled substance that Kiel is accused of posessing with intent to sell is codeine-based cough syrup. Kiel admitted to shipping two parcels of prescription cough syrup to Texas.

SS Terrence Kiel was arrested after practice on Tuesday on drug chargers.  According to reports, federal DEA agents searched Kiel’s locker and car and left with the player.  Kiel has been charged with possession, possession for sale and transportation of a controlled substance. Kiel was then released on a $150k bond. The involvement of the DEA means that Kiel is screwed.

This reminds us of Dennis McKinley from the Cardinals who was caught with 1,500 lbs of pot and was arrested for being a criminal mastermind who imported drugs from Mexico and distributed it via tractor trailer to multiple states.

Kiel makes about $500,000k a year if you prorate his $1.25M signing bonus. You can’t maintain an NFL player’s lifestyle on half a mil.  Gas and rims for those SUVs cost money.  Kiel is just trying to make ends meet.  

[SignOnSanDiego]:  Chargers safety Kiel arrested at practice

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