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No Happy Ending for Justin Gatlin

Victim of bad massage

On Saturday, Justin Gatlin (record sharer for the 100 meters) revealed that he failed a drug test after a race in Kansas City on April 22. Gatlin picked exactly the right time to do so as it came on the heels of the Landis doping controversy which is a much bigger story. However, Gatlin and his coach Trevor Graham are claiming that he was sabotaged by a massage therapist.

According to Graham, a therapist rubbed testosterone cream on Gatlin’s knee without his knowledge.

We know who the person is who actually did this. Justin is devastated. Myself, too. We’re extremely [upset] right now. We are trying to go out and make sure we can prove his innocence, and we hope this individual has the guts to come forward and say he did it.

This sounds suspiciously like the “I was told it was flax seed oil” defense. If he is unable to prove his innocence, Gatlin will be banned from competition for life. Graham said he’s hired a private investigator to follow around the therapist and will seek criminal charges. Considering that Graham has been linked to 6 athletes accused of doping and is being investigated as part of the BALCO scandal, we think this is just a smokescreen.

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and truth to the rumor — that gatlin allowed the m.t. to give him 12 pumps with the cream before he made him stop?

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