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Do NOT mess with Jean Strahan

I believe the expression “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” was written espressly with Jean Strahan in mind. To recap, she’s labeled Michael Strahan as:

  • cheap
  • but ostentatious on himself
  • a cheater
  • gay
  • wife beater

Now you can add another thing to the list: pervert. Jean testified that when the two were dating, Michael secretly videotaped her sister undressing and when Jean found the video equipment, he wired $30,000 to her account.

In addition, when testifying on his relationship with Nicole D’Oliveira of Toronto, Strahan said that he did business with her sometimes but when pressed about it, said that it was not a business that brought him any income. Hmmm… the “business” sounds like the oldest one — a terrorist whore.

[]: Wife: Strahan secretly taped sister-in-law

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