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Cincinnati Reds pitcher Brian Shackleford arrested

You know, the sports pages sometimes read like the police blotter and it seems to be happening more and more recently. The latest is Brian Shackleford who was arrested at Miller Park on suspicion of third-degree sexual assault for an incident that took place in a hotel room on July 3rd.

According to a radio station in Milwaukee, Shackleford met a woman through and she claimed that something improper happened at the hotel. On one hand, the sexual assault is really bad publicity for On the other hand, is so popular that you can meet professional athletes on it!

Check out Brian Shackleford’s profile. “Im a baseball player looking to meet new people. I love to have a good time and can have fun with anyone. I like going out to eat, having a good time, having a coupel of drinks…” Except for the baseball player part, this could be any lame ass profile on match. How sad is it that a professional baseball player has to do online dating?

Before we jump to conclusions, let us remind you that allegations are not always the truth. Remember the woman who claimed she was raped by Erik Williams and Michael Irvin and then lated admitted she made it up? We’ll keep you updated on this story.

[WCPO]: Reds’ Shackelford Arrested For Sexual Assault

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let us remind you — let us remind you that sexual assault happens and is hard to prove, even when it does happen.  

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