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Larry Brown Fired! Isiah Thomas takes over Team Titanic


After months of speculation, the Knicks made it official today and fired Larry Brown after just one year. Taking over will be Isiah Thomas who now wears three hats: coach, GM, sexual harasser.

The buyout of Brown’s contract could cost the Knicks as much as $40M. James Dolan issued this statement.

Larry has had a long and storied career. We hired him last summer with the expectation that he would be with the Knicks for a long time. Sometimes decisions work and sometimes they don’t. After careful consideration, despite the best intentions from everyone involved, this current structure did not work for us last season and I did not think it was going to improve next season.

We’re waiting for Vegas to post the over/under on the number of wins for the Knicks next season but one thing we know for sure, NY residents can expect a rise in Cablevision prices. Meanwhile, in Boston, Philly, New Jersey, and Toronto, coaches and GMs rejoice.

[ESPN]: Knicks fire Brown, name Thomas new coach

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3 replies on “Larry Brown Fired! Isiah Thomas takes over Team Titanic”

Hmmm — Should we keep one of the best coaches in history (putting aside the fact that he’s also a complete dick), or keep one of the worst (if not, THE worst) GM/Coaches in history?

Yeah. Good Choice, Mutha F….!

Dudley Moore? — Can you please change the picture title from “Out” to “Arthu He Does As He Pleases..”

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