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Settle down Sharks fans

Listen up Sharks fans. It’s not OK to boo the Canadian national anthem. What are you, a bunch of rednecks? What exactly has Canada ever done that deserves booing? Sure, they unleashed Celine Dion on the world but they make up for that by giving us good hockey players, good beer, and Rush.

You should be booing either Joe Thornton or the post…clang. Let’s recap. It’s game 4 and the Sharks are up 3-1. On a shorthanded attempt, Thornton hits the post. An inch (or a couple centimeters for you Canadians) lower and the game is 4-1 and the Sharks go home up 3-1 in the series in position to wrap it up. Instead, the Oilers score the next 5 goals and tie up the series. Maybe that’s why you were so angry Sunday night. But enough of a trip down memory lane.

So now, in a pivotal game 5, the usually good fans at the Shark Tank decide to boo the Canadian national anthem. Not exactly smart with 10 of your players being from Canada. The Sharks go on to lose the game in the third period with stupidity and misplaced agression. Kinda like the hometown fans. Karma is a bitch.

[San Jose Mercury News]: Canadian anthem booed; players upset

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