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Odds and Ends for Mon May 8 2006: Billy Wagner and Kobe need a hug

Just in time for this week’s three game series between the Mets and the Phillies, Billy Wagner told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he was not well liked in the Phillies clubhouse, that they wanted him to fail, and that Pat Burrell called him a rat. Poor Billy Boy. Like the Phillies wanted him to blow a crucial late season game against the Astros.

In other news…

[]: Raja Bell’s mom talks trash to Kobe: “Need a hug, Kobe?” Ouch.

[ESPN]: Javon Walker called Favre a two-faced in an interview with Sportscenter. The gods reward him with a $40M contract.

[Balls Deep Sports]: ESPN covering Bonds too much? You don’t say

[Miami Herald]: Ahhh, good ole Miami, where athletes go to get robbed.

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