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The World’s highest paid athletes

It’s good to be Tiger

[Update: Check out the 2007 highest paid American Athletes]

Here are the top 10 highest paid athletes in 2005 according to Forbes.

  1. Tiger Woods – $87M. The guy makes most of his money ($80M) just from endorsements and appearance fees.
  2. Michael Schumacher – $60M. This is actually a drop in income because of lower endorsements and licensing.
  3. Oscar De La Hoya – $38M. $35M came from just 2 fights.
  4. Michael Vick – $37.5M. Got $30M as guaranteed bonus money for his 10 year contract with Atlanta.
  5. Shaquille O’Neal – $33.4M. He has the NBA’s highest salary at $28M.
  6. Michael Jordan – $33M. All of it from endorsements.
  7. David Beckham – $32.5M. All that money and he still doesn’t know how to tell time.
  8. Kobe Bryant – $28.8M. Hate him for his cash.
  9. Lance Armstrong – $28M. I guess he realized with $28M, he could do better than Sheryl Crow.
  10. Valentino Rossi – $28M. Yeah, we never heard of him either. Apparently he races motorcycles in Italy.

What do these athletes have in common? Most of them are pimping Nike. That and they have more money than you ever will.

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4 replies on “The World’s highest paid athletes”

no. that’s just forbes being stupid — they just took the most famous athletes and put them on that stupid slideshow.  If you look, one of the entries is some woman who only makes 6M.

oh — Didn’t know that when I looked at the slideshow… By the way, what is up with Tiger’s hair in that picture? Absolutely hideous.

Tiger says — I got Elin Nordegren. I can make it look like i have clumps falling out of my scalp if i want to.

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