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Watch Out for Brain Dead Carribean Gay Child Molesters

It’s amazing how people in sports have no concept of what is right and wrong.  Either everyone is always misquoted or these idiots think they’re in a closed locker room even when they’re speaking in front of reporters.  Ozzie Guillen went from defending Caribbean players in one breath to disparaging gays in the next.  His comment on Larry Krueger, a San Francisco sportscaster who said he was sick of brain dead caribbean hitters was, “that’s just ignorant, man.” And then upon seeing (possibly a friend) shouted, “Hey, everybody, this guy’s a homosexual! He’s a child molester!”

T.O. says, “Hyprocrite”.

By Vin

Vin is a Philly boy who shouldn't be invited into your house because he'll judge you on your book and music collection. He owns Dawkins, Utley, Iverson, and Lindros jerseys, which is all you really need to know about him. He can be reached at [email protected]

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Ozzie — “Brain Dead Carribean Gay Child Molesters?” Are they anything like the I certaintly hope not.

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