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Another idiot Steeler riding a motorcycle without a helmet

Rocket scientist

Shouldn’t a team have one motorcycle incident per season? After Kellen Winslow tore up his knee in a parking lot stunt accident, you didn’t hear about any other member of the Browns with a motorcycle. But not the Steelers! Why just have one incident when you can have two. On early Sunday morning, tackle Barrett Brooks was arrested when he tried to flee from the police on his motorcycle. Bill Cowher should seriously consider banning motorcycles.

Brooks was charged with fleeing and eluding, reckless driving, driving at an unsafe speed and other traffic violations. He took the police on a 5 minute chase before dropping his bike in an intersection. According to the police, Brooks was not legally intoxicated (although they don’t mention whether he had a few drinks) and wasn’t wearing a helmet.

There’s so much we can say about Barrett Brooks and his level of intelligence. Instead, we just shake our heads and walk away. Is there a anti-Darwin Awards for people like this?

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