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Cell phones… they’re AWESOME BABY!

It seems that radio is the best method to get in trouble these days. First it was Jim Mora Jr., then Timmy Hardaway, and now college hoops announcing icon/blowhard Dick Vitale. Dicky V is in hot water over some comments he made at a restaurant to a fellow diner while unknowingly on the air via cell phone with WNML-FM in Knoxville. (audio link)

Vitale relayed a private conversation between him and Billy Donovan over the draft prospects of Joakim Noah:

Right now, I talked to some NBA guys who have a little doubt about [Noah]. I mean, he’s still going to get drafted top six or seven, but [he has] no shot. No shot. I’m going to tell you what. I’d take Horford over him. You know who told me that in confidence? Billy Donovan grabbed me all alone and said the pro scouts are making a mistake. He said there’s no way I would take Noah over – he said he would never say that publicly – over Horford.

Vitale called the next day and said he was joking and that conversation between him and Billy never took place. It’s a little too late Dick. There’s no way that any NBA team will take Noah over Horford now. And while the NBA scouts might have come to the conclusion that Horford is a better pick, Vitale might have just cost Noah a lot of money. Thanks a lot, Dick.

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