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Darko Milicic career highlights

It’s been downhill since

You were expecting a blank entry right? Sorry, we actually have some. Though to call them highlights might be stretching it a bit.

  • Drafted #2 overall. Ahead of Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade.
  • Averaged 6.9 minutes per game and 1.8 ppg in 04-05 season. (career highs)
  • Got an ear infection from getting his ears pierced.
  • Had 6 rebounds in a game once.
  • Has never fouled out.
  • Lead all first rounders in DNP-Coaches Decision.

That’s about all I can find. Hopefully he’ll have a chance to improve some of those highlights once he gets to Orlando.

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Stevie Franchise wears out his welcome again

Stevie ex-Franchise

[Update] Reports are that Francis pulled a Scottie Pippen and refused to reenter the Sonics game in the fourth quarter.

For a guy nicknamed “Franchise”, Steve Francis sure does like to wreck them. The Orlando Magic have suspended him indefinitely for “conduct detrimental to the team”. (Does having the second worst assist to turnover ratio for NBA point guards fit that definition?) This is only weeks after a nice fluff piece in the Orlando Sentinal about Francis “growing up.”

WKMG in Orlando is reporting that the suspension is not related to the fight Wednesday night in Seattle but rather because of a series of transgressions in the past few weeks. Indeed, Magic fans have noted that Francis has basically sleepwalked through the last 5 games.

It’s yet to be determined whether Francis will be Keyshawned or traded immediately, although his trade value is nil right now. Hmmm… there’s someone else in Indiana with the same trade value.

[Orlando Sentinel]: Magic suspend Francis