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June 13 in sports history: Pistons win their first NBA title

In 1989: The Detroit Pistons win their first ever NBA title with a 105-97 victory over the Lakers, completing a four game sweep. It was redemption for the Pistons; after years of just falling short ( including a seven game finals loss to the Lakers the previous year), the Pistons finally break through. Finals’ MVP Joe Dumars led the Pistons, averaging 27.3 pts. per game while playing outstanding defense. The “Bad Boys,” led by Isiah Thomas, Dumars, Bill Laimbeer and Dennis Rodman (pre freak show) would go on to win next year’s NBA title as well.

In 2003: The Yankees Roger Clemens has a truly historic evening as he earns both his 300th career victory and 4,000th strikeout in a 5-2 win over the Cardinals at Yankee Stadium. It took Clemens four tries to finally join the elite 300 win club as the 21st member. The 4,000 strikeout club is much more exclusive, boasting only Clemens, Steve Carlton and Nolan Ryan. The forty-three year old pitcher is still at it, with 341 wins, 4,500 strikeouts and counting.

Detroit Pistons

Sheed guarantees game 4 victory

Quick you degenerate gamblers, the line is at Detroit -275 (!) but go ahead and bet the farm on the Pistons tonight. Rasheed Wallace has guaranteed victory.

I know we’re going to win. I know we’re going to bust their ass tomorrow night. It’s the last game in this building for this year. Ya’ll can quote me, put it back page, front page, whatever.

Now, if this was Tayshaun Prince guaranteeing victory, run, don’t walk, away from your bookie. But remember, Sheed has guaranteed victory twice before in the playoffs. Once against Indiana in 2004 and once this year against the Bucks. Both times, the Pistons have delivered. We’re on board with this and have put our $5 on the Pistons tonight.

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Detroit Pistons

Dale Davis is ballin’ out of control

Kobe’s Song

The long awaited (I guess) movie from Dale Davis’ company, Playas Ball, will premier in Houston three days before the all-star game. I’m not sure if you remember but this movie caused a stir a couple of years ago because it featured a character who signs a big endorsement deal and then gets accused of date rape. Not a very controversial story line — except the movie was wrapped right before Kobe got arrested for his extracurricular activities in Colorado.

Almost 3 years later, Dale Davis finally got a distributor and you should be able to see the film this year. The only real star in the movie is Allen Payne, who I remember seeing in a bunch of movies but can’t name a single one except CB4 where he had such memorable lines as “Yeah, yeah, I’m lickin’ your balls, best balls I ever had. Uh-huh, you’ve got King-Kong balls. Your balls are so large, just big balls, I don’t care. You just got big balls.” Let’s hope this isn’t what Playas Ball is about.

Also in the movie are Treach from Naughty by Nature and MC Lyte. This doesn’t bode well for the movie. The only rapper who ever could act was Vanilla Ice in Cool as Ice… I mean Tupac in Juice.

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Detroit Pistons

Bye Bye Bonnie Bernstein

Of all the sideline reporters, Bonnie Bernstein and Armen Keteyien were the least annoying, which is saying a lot. Unlike Suzy Kolber, they don’t make you want to shove a screwdriver through your eardrum. Unfortunately, CBS announced that Bernstein is gone; and Keteyien will probably be leaving as well.

Since Al Michael is jumping ship to join Madden on NBC, the Monday Night Football crew on ESPN will be Theisman, Mike Tirico, and Tony Kornheiser. This isn’t exactly a dream team but Tirico was solid in the Sunday night game he did last year and anyone is better than Paul Maguire and Mike Patrick.

Finally, Emmitt Smith is out with the NFL Network. He wasn’t ever on much anyway and is now officially gone.


Detroit Pistons

Don’t bring that trash in here, Sheed!

If you don’t watch Family Guy, then something is seriously wrong with you. (However, if you don’t watch American Dad, you’re perfectly normal.) A few years ago, FG had an episode with Stewie playing basketball that ranked up there with Dave Chappelle’s Prince playing basketball. Well, the folks over at Need4Sheed posted the clip on their site but they managed to insert Sheed’s face in the video. Good stuff.

Detroit Pistons

Pistons Dance Team Calendar Pornographic?

We call it art

A group calling themselves American Decency Association has complained to Pistons officials that the “Automotion” Dance Team calendar is pornographic and should be pulled from shelves.

To me, this is a form of prostitution,” Barbara Rotary told the News after seeing the calendar while Christmas shopping and complaining to the Pistons and the decency organization. “The Pistons are profiting from using women’s bodies this way.

Listen, honey (Decency feminazis hate when you call them honey), I just got back from the Palms in Las Vegas where you’ll see all forms of prostitution. A swimsuit calendar ain’t it. Imagine the American Decency Association’s reaction to the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Lingerie Calender.

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