Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavaliers fans cheer Rasheed’s injury

How many times have you heard that Philly fans cheered when Michael Irvin went down with a spine injury? That happened seven years ago. How long do you think anyone will bring up the fact that Cavs fans cheered when Rasheed rolled his ankle and had to (temporarily) leave the game? That story has the shelf life of about 3 days. Cleveland fans throw bottles onto the field, cheered when their own QB was inured, and, now, cheer opposing player injuries. Yet, somehow, Philly fans are the worst. We’re calling bullshit.

Meanwhile… back to the series. Rasheed and the Pistons couldn’t back up his guaranteed victory in game 4 but that didn’t keep Sheed from guaranteeing a series victory.

Even the sun shines on a dog’s ass. There ain’t no way . . . they’re going to beat us in no series. They beat us tonight, which is good for them. . . . But, nah, they ain’t going to beat us in the series.

You gotta hand it to the guy. In a world of “we’re going to take it one game at a time”, “they are a quality opponent”, and “she said she was 18, your honor”, it’s refreshing to have Sheed in the mix.


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Cleveland Cavaliers

Who is Damon Jones and why does he have a shoe?

Damon Jones wears Li-Ning

Watch out LeBron, Damon Jones (career 7ppg / 2rpg player) is gunning for you. Jones is the first NBA player to promote Li-Ning shoes and according to the Li-Ning website, they are HOT! Jones signed the deal at a press conference in downtown Cleveland and announced:

My shoes are going to become best sellers. It’s going to be Yao Ming, LeBron James and then Damon Jones.

If this works, Reebok and Nike (well, Iverson and LeBron’s bank accounts) are in big trouble.