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NBA is looking for more dorks

so.. uh.. now what?

David Stern and Company doesn’t just want the NBA in all four corners of the world, they are also unleashing it into the virtual world of Second Life. Second Life is a online world where you can be just as bored as you are in real life, except maybe you get to have sex with a 300 lb man posing as a woman. The NBA thinks this is a excellent location to promote their product.

Bringing the NBA to the virtual world provides us with a new and innovative platform to reach our fans and the millions of residents in Second Life,” said Stern. “The NBA Headquarters creates an interactive worldwide community where fans can come together, engage with our game, and most importantly, share in their passion for the NBA.”

“The NBA is a sports innovator, being the first professional sports league to unveil a comprehensive headquarters in a virtual world,” said Sibley Verbeck, CEO, The Electric Sheep Company. “The NBA is engaging its fan community at a whole new level, and bringing fans together from around the world.

In the NBA Second Life headquarters, you can get access to video highlights, have you picture taken with the Larry O’Brien Trophy, and walk along a special path highlighting the 50 Greatest NBA Players of all time. But that’s not all folks, you can also buy team jerseys that you can put on your character in the game. Wow. How awesome. Where do we sign up?

We don’t really get virtual worlds. Basically you sit in your mom’s basement all day and night interacting with other losers doing the same thing. Hmmm… actually that sounds exactly like sports blogging.

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