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Snoop Dogg and LenDale White do a video together and pose as the No. 10

The Tennessee Titans got rid of one giant sized headache a few weeks ago when they decided to trade Pacman Jones to the Dallas Cowboys. But they are still holding on tight to their bowling ball of a running back in LenDale White. The USC product has been a disappointment thus far, despite posting 1,000 yards last season and while Jeff Fisher and Vince Young would probably love to see the `round mound of touchdown’ hit the gym during the offseason, White would rather pimp it up with Snoop than pump it up with the Titans.

When rapper Snoop Dogg asked Titans running back LenDale White to be in one of his music videos earlier this offseason, White obliged.

White traveled to Las Vegas for the shooting of “Life of Da’ Party,” mainly because of his friendship with the musician.

“That’s my guy,” White said of Snoop Dogg.

But White wasn’t pushing for a starring role. He makes a cameo in the music video, and that was partly by design.

White said he was careful not to set himself up for second-guessing from others down the road.

“I didn’t want nothing too big,” White said.”Because had I been in that video a long time … let’s say something happened this year and I had only 20 yards rushing. Then everybody around here would be on my back, saying, ‘If he wasn’t in the Snoop Dogg video maybe he would’ve been (better).’

Actually, most Titans fans would probably be thinking that if you tossed in a salad every now then than maybe you’d be better. After all, Snoop Dogg does have the ability to give people the super-munchies by his mere presence alone.


[]: White has small role in Snoop Dogg video

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