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Vince Young returns to Texas for his senior year

Beware Big 12; Vince Young is back at Texas. But this time, the Oklahoma State Cowboys don’t have to worry about VY once again torching them on the athletic field; instead, they have to worry about his performance in the academic field.

Young is back on the 40 Acres to finish his degree, which about the only thing he didn’t accomplish during his first tenure at Texas.

I’ve been making some good Bs right now. I’ve been making some high Bs. Hopefully the As are coming,” Young said Monday.

Young has been away from Austin for two years, since leading the Longhorns to the 2005 national championship. In January 2006 he gave up his final year of eligibility and declared for the NFL draft, where he was the third pick overall.

He then agreed to a six-year contract worth $58 million, with a guaranteed signing bonus of nearly $26 million.

It’s the largest signing bonus paid to a UT athlete. And now Young becomes one of the first former Longhorns to come back to school while he’s still active in the NFL.

When he left, Young made a promise to himself and to his family that he’d finish school.

“I just wanted to come back and finish up because I wanted to show not only myself and my family, but all the people that have respect for me, that school is the key,” he said. “It’s not all about the money. It’s not all about the fame. It’s about helping people out.

Young is currently taking 12 hours, strategically scheduled so he can be in Nashville over the weekends for mini camp and rehab on a pulled quad. But like always, Vince is calm, cool and collected about his situation. About the only thing rattling the campus hero is the possibility of embarrassing himself at graduation.

I hope I don’t fall or trip over myself crossing the stage,” Young said. “That would be funny.


[]: Vince Young goes from NFL star to student

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