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Best conference call ever!

You might think that conference call’s are just for the media, but you should try to listen in every now and again because you never know what your favorite coach might say next. Or what your favorite media member might say next. Or what your favorite fake media member might say next.

Tuesday’s SEC women’s basketball coaches’ teleconference took a turn for the funny when a couple of wisenheimers managed to get on the air and went `Jerky Boys’ all over some SEC asses.

The prank callers, who were claiming to be legitimate reporters from actual media outlets, managed to get on and ask at least six questions to more than half of the league’s 12 coaches. The questions were graphic in nature and included inquiries about coaches having sexual relations with players and players’ performances based on their menstrual cycles.

“It was a little surreal,” said [associate director for media relations at the SEC, Tammy] Wilson, who was moderating the call between the media and the head coaches.

“The very first question that was asked, honestly, I thought this was some crazy media person who was trying to ask a question and didn’t know quite how to ask it,” she said.

Tom Collen, the Arkansas coach who was asked the first faux question, also seemed to think something similar because he responded to it as if it were a legitimate question.

Nobody seems to know how the pranksters managed to get through on a line that is supposed to be secure to media members, but because of the infiltration, the men’s teleconference set for Thursday might get postponed until this problem gets ironed out. That would be a shame because we were really interested to hear backstabber Billy Donovan comment on how Joakim Noah handled his menstrual cycle during the season.


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