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OJ Simpson plays Ashton Kutcher

For the low low price of $9.95 you can watch OJ selling the infamous white Bronco, dressed up as an Elvis impersonator, or selling oranges as a bum in his new pay-per-special called Juiced. It pretty much has the same “car wreck” appeal of the Simpson trial itself but, hell for $10, we’ll pretty much watch anything. Could Juiced be any worse than Benchwarmers? And plenty of people paid $10 to see that turd in the theaters.

OJ still owes a bunch of money to the Brown and Goldman families as a result of the civil suit so he’s not getting “paid” for his part. The producer of Juiced said, “Basically O.J. Simpson has decided to do this because he wants to do it, and he wanted to have fun with it.” And if you believe that, then you must believe the pranks were an elaborate scheme for OJ to track down the real killers. We’ll wager there’s an offshore account that recently got a bunch of dough deposited somewhere.

[ESPN]: Simpson pretends to sell the Bronco at a used car lot

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