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When little red wagons attack!

Remember when you were a kid and you’d wreck on your bike trying to do a trick? Sure, it was embarrassing and painful, but at least you weren’t on television for the whole world to see like this dufus from the Discovery Channel.

If you ask us, that was just his own personal tribute to the late, great Evel Knievel.

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Phil Hellmuth humiliates himself again

We haven’t ever met anyone who likes Phil Hellmuth; sure, he’s a great poker player, yada, yada, yada, but at the end of the day, he’s a whiny brat that has the capabilities to get us more riled up than those crazy chicks on Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School. So, needless to say, we were more than thrilled to come across this video of Hellmuth behind the wheel of a race car for an UltimateBet promotional shoot. The main reason being that he went Nick Hogan on the track and ended up going head first into a pole.

We’re pretty sure that he completely blamed the crash on the car.


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New York Giants

LaVar Arrington involved in a serious motorcycle accident

Ben Roethlisberger was involved in an ugly motorcycle wreck that damn near cost him his life. So, while Big Ben might not currently be the poster boy of on field execution, he should be revered in locker rooms and clubhouses across America as the man who personally exposed just how dangerous motorcycles can be and lived to tell about it. And now GM’s can add LaVar Arrington to their “lucky to be alive” club when they plead with their stars about the need to live on the safe side in life. At least while they are still under contract.

Arrington was involved in a severe motorcycle crash in Prince George’s Country, MD on Monday and was rushed to a local hospital in serious condition. However, it appears that the former Redskin, current Giant free agent escaped the wreck with just a broken bone in his arm, three broken bones in his leg and some road rash. It looks like Arrington is going to be in lots of pain for a while but pain is your best case scenario in this situation.

Carl Poston is Arrington’s agent and while he is most certainly ecstatic that his client is going to recover, he has got to be absolutely livid that he was even on the bike to begin with. Huge sums of money are circulating around Arrington at all times and, from a business perspective, it is simply asinine to engage in any risky activities. Franchises have got to start being much more strict about allowing their players to participate in any sort of behavior that can put them in danger. Athletes are generally thrill seekers by nature, so it is the responsibility of the people who employ them to put their foot down and refuse to allow a player to die unnecessarily on their watch.


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