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Odds and Ends: The Oregon Ducks are off the hook

Who puked up this color scheme? The Philadelphia Eagles are celebrating their 75th season in the National Football League, so in order to commemorate the occasion, the Eagles will be dressed in the franchise’s 1933 throwback uniforms. Oh, but these aren’t just any unis; these are quite possibly the ugliest uniforms ever worn in the […]

Soccer player gets yellow card instead of black eye after kissing referee

We’re not big soccer fans; in fact, the only times we report on futbol is when riots break out or some chick rips off her shirt after a goal. But a story about a soccer player kissing a ref caught our eye because the referee decided to give his admirer a yellow card for the […]

Now you can own something that Bill Cowher considered to be junk

Sorry guys, but this is coming with me. Bill Cowher had been in Pittsburgh for a long time, and when in you stay in one place for that many years there’s a good chance that you’ll accumulate a butt load of crap. So, when The Chin left the Steelers organization for the hills of North […]

Fat guy tumbles down stairs at Shea, crushes lady

Anybody who has ever been to a baseball game knows that fans are required to be active and aware at all times. You never know when a foul ball or even a bat could come flying into the stands. And you might want to even keep an eye on those crafty vendors who will try […]

Jesus, we hope it was just spit

Two Islanders Ice Girls (the ones who clean the snow during breaks and pick up the debris after a hat trick) say that the Rangers are disgusting louts. Kelli Higgins says that she was cleaning up the goaltender’s crease when Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist took a big windup, whacked her squeegee and the stick hit […]

Ex-NFL player throws old man off balcony

At one time, Hubert D. Thompson was considered to be the top-rated defensive end prospect in the nation by many analysts. Now, the former Spartan and Saint will be need to learn how to become proficient at defending his own rear end because he’s about to be locked up for a long time. Thompson was […]

Odds and Ends: Jim Harbaugh takes the opening shot

What did I say? Jim Harbaugh just got the job as Stanford’s coach and he’s already making enemies. Harbaugh came out and said that USC’s Pete Carroll would not be with the program come next year. Pete denied the statement and fired back with the ol’ “And if he has any questions about it he […]

Body parts wash up in the strangest places

Reunited at last? James Dolan is a corporate big wig who is the owner of the Knicks and Rangers, CEO of Cablevision and Chairman of Madison Square Garden and earlier this morning he became the owner of a human leg that washed up on his property in Cove Neck, N.Y. The limb was wrapped inside […]

Sergio Garcia can’t putt but he can hit the bottom of the cup

Tiger Woods wins another trophy at Doral but the buzz around the blogosphere is about Sergio Garcia spitting into the cup after missing a short putt. This shows not only the dominance of Tiger but also the lack of class of Sergio. Who the hell spits into a cup after missing a par putt? Not […]

High school coaches of America take notice

Come here son, I’ll showyou the wrath of a coach. If you thought that America was full of frivolous law suits, just wait until you get a load of what is going on in France. Jean-Louis Montero is a defender on the Troyes soccer club and a French cry baby who is suing his coach, […]

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