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Bobby Lashley beats the clock on RAW

No more Mr. Nice Guys with the belt on
the line.

The night began with a ring of full of competitors for John Cena’s WWE Championship belt, but by the time RAW and a “Beat the Clock Challenge” had ended, it was Bobby Lashley who was declared the No. 1 contender. So, at The Great American Bash it will be Cena and Lashley hooking it up in the battle of the golden boys.

But just when it looked like Cena and Lashley we’re going to play nice, Lashley delivered a wicked spear to the champ and started gloating with the belt. Way to walk on the wild side, Bobby. This rivalry is all well and good, but we’re just not really feeling it. We’d much rather see one of the big time RAW heels get a shot at running the show, like Randy Orton, King Booker or Mr. Kennedy. Wait, scratch Kennedy off that list; there’s no way we can root for him after Super Crazy beat him last night in about 30 seconds. Unfortunately, everyone knows that the spinner belt is firmly tightened around Cena’s waist and it would take an epic effort from Lashley to steal it away. Either way, we’re pretty sure the encounter is going to end with a handshake and a rematch.

In other news from RAW, Umaga finally beat down that Italian guy and promptly celebrated his newly won Intercontinental title by attempting to eat the belt. Where’s Armando Estrada when you need him? It was not too long ago that the Italian guy got called out of the crowd to get slaughtered by the Samoan Bulldozer, but, instead, won the belt with a little help from Lashley. So, it’s only fitting that Umaga was the one to put this chump back into his rightful place: watching the show in the crowd. Santino Marella was seriously one of the most pathetic champions in the history of WWE, and if that guy is capable of holding gold then we’re only an eyelash away from seeing Eugene walk to the ring sporting the Intercontinental title. The only thing that could be less believable than that would be if Johnny Nitro was a brand’s champion…oh,wait, nevermind.