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Around the Rim: Celtics blast past Phoenix

1. Celtics cruise to victory The Suns were tied with the Celtics at halftime of Wednesday night’s game, but then Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce got nasty. K.G. ripped off 30 points in the contest and Pierce racked up 12 of his 27 points in the final period to give Boston a 117-97 victory. The […]

Around the Rim: Up, up and away!

1. Rockets keep rolling Despite winning their 20th consecutive game against Atlanta on Wednesday, the Rockets showed signs of slippage along the way. Houston managed to score just 32 points in the first half of last night’s game, but the Hawks couldn’t capitalize on their sorry opening half and lost 83-75. Tracy McGrady led the […]

Around the Rim: Flying high in the fourth

1. “It’s your fault.” Scoring 39 points for LeBron James isn’t really that big of a deal. Nowadays, we pretty much expect the King to get at least 30 on a nightly basis. But 39 points takes on a whole new meaning when LBJ scores 24 of `em in the fourth quarter. James scored two-thirds […]

Odds and Ends: Isiah Thomas to offer next 10 first round picks for Kobe

Now that Kobe Bryant has officially asked to be traded from the Lakers, the multi-million dollar question is: where to? It’s fairly amusing the fan reaction to the Kobe demand. On on hand, you have Bright Side of the Sun which basically says no way. On the other, you have which is trying to […]

Around the Rim: Playoff Picture Begins To Come Into Focus

1. One Down, 15 to Go With a 13 point victory over the Nets, the Mavericks not only extended their current winning streak to 16 (23 straight at home), but they tied 1982-83 76ers and the 1971-72 Lakers with the fourth best record after 60 games (51-9). And while it was only a matter of […]

Around the Rim: Divorce Court

It’s over? 1. Gold Digger Alert By this point, everyone is familiar with the unusual circumstances surrounding the divorce proceedings between Jason Kidd and his wife Joumana. But did you know that Kidd isn’t the only Net who is going through a split. In a far less entertaining manner, Vince Carter and his wife, Ellen […]

Around the Rim: Washington’s Wizard

1. Accolades and Injuries Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas was named the Eastern Conference player of the month for his performances during December. Arenas averaged a league high 34.1 points and scored 30 or more in 12 of 16 games, including a career-high 60 point game and a 54 point game. Unfortunately, the Wizards might […]

Around the Rim: Happy New Year!

1. Kevin Likes It! He Really Likes It! Well, at long last, the leather ball has returned and it has already been approved by Kevin Garnett. The Minnesota forward put up a season high 32 points against Charlotte in the NBA’s first game with the new old ball. “There is a God,” said Garnett. And […]

Around The Rim: The Big Uneasy

1. New Orleans Hor-nots The Hornets started off the year looking like a team that was determined to make the playoffs. Now, they look more like a team that is simply determined to get off the trainers table. Chris Paul twisted his ankle on Tuesday against Seattle and is expected to miss two more games. […]

Iverson traded to the Nuggets

Iverson Nuggets jersey will be #1 Well folks, it’s done. Iverson has been traded to the Nuggets for Andrew Miller, the expiring contract of Joe Smith, and two No. 1 draft picks in the 2007 draft. By NBA rules, the name Joe Smith must always be preceded by “the expiring contract” so that people can […]

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